Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make a reservation online?
Yes. Whether you are a first time client or a repeat customer, simply click on reservations and fill out the specified form. You will be able to get prices within minutes, and receive a confirmation number.

How can I open an account with your company?
You can open a billing account with Paramount Limousine simply by contacting us by phone or simply filling our account application form on line or by Fax.

What is the advantage of opening an account?
Discounted rates. No payment at the time of service. You will receive a convenient monthly statement so you can control your finances more closely and pay everything at the end of the month by check or credit card.

What type of payments do you accept?
Visa, Master Card, and American Express. We can also do direct billing for our preferred accounts.

Do you check the status of my flight?
Yes. Paramount will constantly check your flight for actual arrival time. As long as your flight number doesn’t change, we will know about your flight delays. It may be a good idea to let our office know about your flight delays, but it’s not necessary.

How should I let you know about my arrival flight change?
The best option is to call our office directly to assure availability in case there is a big time change and confirm immediately. If you want to contact us via email or fax, and be able to confirm your changes, please allow at least 24 hours prior to your actual pick up/arrival time.

Can I cancel my order and when?
Once you receive a confirmation number, you are confirmed. You can cancel your airport pick up or drop off with 4 hours notice; although as directed or Hourly orders can not be cancelled. For more details refer to the cancellation policy and rules at the bottom of your reservation confirmation.

How can I confirm my reservation?
Once you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation number. We can send you a confirmation via fax or email.

Are you member of any association or organization?
We are a proud member of: Greater Livery Association, Better Business Bureau, Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau, LA chamber of Commerce, Life Elite, National Limousine Association, Limousine and Chauffeur Transportation, American Heart Association, number one operator of the year 2002, and Taxicab, Limousine & Para Transit Association.

Are there drinks in your limos?
All hourly rides come with a complimentary beverage and bar. Our bar has basic well drinks, soft drinks, water, and ice with glasses and napkins. You can order additional drinks for additional charge, or you can simply bring along your favorite drinks.

Do I get a confirmation number and when?
As soon as you complete your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation number.

Do you make a sign with my name for my airport pick up?
If you are ordering an outside or curbside pick up, Car/Limo with your name in the window will arrive within a few minutes. For inside or baggage area pick up the driver will meet you at the bottom of the escalator or baggage carousel area with your name on a sign.

What number should I call when I am ready for my airport curbside pick up?
We will send you a text 1 hour prior to your pick-up time with driver information. Driver will also text you directly. For any questions, please call our airport office number 310-670-6964, or toll free 800-200-LIMO. You can also communicate with your driver directly.

Does my time start at my door or at your door?
With our flat rates, you are not responsible for where the driver is taking off from, and as a result your time starts from your door or pick up point. With our hourly quotes, we may be charging an additional time for getting to your door and back, but if your pick up point is within our region and zones, you won’t have to worry about that. You will be informed when making your reservation.

Please contact us at if you have further questions.
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